Doctors Group Practice

Group medical practices are defined as "the practice of medicine by a group of doctors who share their premises and other resources".It is so common in America. Out of 10.46 lakhs doctors in America, about 60% are in group practice. In recent years, many small or solo practitioners have come (or are considering coming) together to form larger same (or multi) speciality groups in order to get a leg up on managed care. In India out of the 9.6 lakhs Allopathy doctors and 7.9 lakhs Ayush doctors, hardly 6% doctors are in group practice. With the growth of "Medical Insurance and Managed Care" doctors have to form groups to face the Challenges of Medical Insurance and Managed Care.

So,just like American group medical practices, Dr. Crystal doctors groups practice(DGP) is the big initiative of Dr. Crystals Hospitals Limited, Mumbai,India. The purpose of DGP is to provide big chance to all doctors through out the country to get involved and grow their practice/training through wherever they are just by connecting DGP Virtual Network.We are providing many benefits to all our connected member doctors and member patients.